Single strand necklace made with pearls and crystals from Swarovski

This price is for the short (51cm) strand only

This new colour is one of Swarovski's latest developments; iridescent red. The pearls shimmer with undertones of pale mint green and magnificent overtones of blue and pink. It virtually goes with everything in your wardrobe and suits every skin tones we have tried it with.

This will be the "little black dress" of your jewelry box.

Nesting necklace Short

  • This is our newest colour way in Jon De Porter's essential set of nesting necklaces. Each strand will nest perfectly within the other for a seamless "custom" look. They can also be connected at the clasp to form long ropes.

    We recommend purchasing at least 2 strands of this set to multiply the possibilities of wearing.

    The "Short/Medium" combo will work well on petite women or any woman with a thinner or longer neck.

    The "Medium/Long" combo will work well on taller women or women who want to elongate their neck.

    You can also get a 10% discount by buying all 3 lengths at the same time (This will also qualify you for free shipping!)