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“They're not your mother's pearls,

                               they'll be your own legacy.”

 —Jon De Porter


Jon De Porter’s life and career have been driven by an attraction to unusual beauty. The Montreal-born designer delved into the world of jewelry design after an impromptu visit to a chinese pearl market during a

24 hour unexpected layover.


Now based in Toronto and completely devoted to his craft, the designer's goals are ambitious; To redefine the conventional connotations of pearl jewelry as conservative and elitist. At the hand of De Porter, the pearl is transformed into highly covetable and contemporary jewelry.


“The Jon De Porter woman is strong, confident, and in control of her own life. She is classic and appreciates quality.” —Jon De Porter


Nicknamed Canada’s “Prince of Pearls,” De Porter has rapidly earned reputation for excellence. The designer was a finalist for the CAFA 2015 and 2017 Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Accessory Design. Since its recognition through this international platform, the brand has acquired a new level of reputation.